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First sexy Halloween costume of the year is here — and it’s Bernie Sanders


First sexy Halloween costume of the year is here — and it’s Bernie Sanders 


Bernie Sanders has been made “sexy” — but only for Halloween to really cause a scare.

The 80-year-old Vermont senator is the inspiration behind a racy Halloween costume sold by Dolls Kill, an online store primarily known for Gen Z’s beloved “e-girl fashion.”

The sexy Bernie Sanders look, dubbed the “Trickz N’ Treatz Once Again Asking Costume Set,” is being sold at the very affordable price of $85 — a price tag that would make the frugal politician feel the bern.

According to the outfit’s description, the look is meant for “you to be a viral internet meme! This political chairman costume comes with a grey coat, cozy mittens and a face mask for a total insta-worthy moment.”

The costume’s concept is based on the viral photos snapped at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, which became an instant meme thanks to Sanders’ cozy mittens and mean mug.

But unlike Sanders’ handmade mittens, which were knit with love by a schoolteacher, the outfit includes a polyester gray coat and mittens along with a light blue mask. Pants are not included in this sultry spinoff.

The *ensemble* in question.
The *ensemble* in question.

Of course, Twitter had tons to say about the wild ensemble. “Why did they make Bernie as a hot got e-girl costume I’m wheezing,” one said.

“Well, I found my Halloween costume,” added another fan. One user joked, “You are cordially invited to my Sexy Bernie Sanders-themed birthday party.”

The costume costs $85.
The costume costs $85.
Dolls Kill

Another person tweeted, “HOW IS THIS $85 WHEN I HAVE A COAT, MITTENS, AND NO PANTS AT HOME?!?! Bernie would not approve.”

“Bernie Sanders @ the inauguration ceremony is gonna be my Halloween costume this year,” teased a fan of the look.

Bernie Sanders at the inauguration.
Bernie Sanders at the inauguration.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

“If fans of Sen. Sanders’ mittens are looking for a real scare this Halloween, they should see how hard the wealthy and world’s biggest corporations are fighting to stop Congress from finally addressing the long-neglected needs of the working class,” Sanders’ rep said in a statement to Vice. “I’m shuddering at my desk just thinking about it.”

Of course, it’s not the first Halloween costume to be altered from innocent to provocative. The same sexed-up treatment has been given to hand sanitizer, the college admissions scandal, characters from “Toy Story,” NYC celebrity Pizza Rat, mail-in ballots, Popeyes’ infamous chicken sandwich and poor Mr. Rogers.

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